How to Get your Prescriptions From an Online Doctor

An online doctor prescription is becoming a common place today. With the surge of the pandemic and people tending to stay-at-home-get-delivery new way of life, many are subscribing to online doctor prescription.

You too might be wondering how to get your prescriptions from an online doctor. Then you should be interested in GoHealthy App. GoHealthy App is a pocket friendly telemedicine app that connects you to doctors from around the world.

To successfully get your prescriptions online from an Online Doctor on GoHealthy App here is the steps to follow:

  • Download GoHealthy App from play store
  • Create a new account on the app
  • Find a general doctor or specialized doctor
  • Book appointment with the doctor
  • Communicate with the doctor on the scheduled appointment time
  • Get your prescriptions delivered

Download GoHealthy App from play store

To download GoHealthy App from playstore use this link or search for GoHealthy App on play store.

Create a new account on the app

On the login/sign up page

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