Order Food with N100 Delivery Fee

Food with delivery near me has become a new appeal in Nigeria. Well, this food ordering evolution is not limited to Nigeria. Many around the world are warming to ordering food online with home delivery.

For the most part, restaurant meal delivery was limited to food such as pizza or exotic foods. Such food with delivery came with high delivery fee and enjoyed by people in the higher class.

Today, food with delivery near me have come to include local restaurants that serve Nigerian dishes like Amala, Eba, Egusi, Afang, Ewedu, fufu and the like.

Are you in love with our local dishes? Then the order food order with delivery might just what you need.

Some however shy away from ordering food online because of high delivery fee that come with it. GoHealthy.ng wants to solve that for you. You can order food with N100 delivery fee with GoHealthy App.

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