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Order Meals Online & Get Your Meals Delivered At No Cost

Do you struggle to find good meals during office breaks? Are you unhappy about your food routine on a work day? Do you just want to work without the stress of moving long distances to find great meals?

Just imagine the impact a good food routine would have on your health in 6 months. Imagine never bothering where your next meal would come from while saving yourself from incessant snacking or from poor dining choices.

We are glad to let you in on the launch of our new GoHealthy App that comes with excellent food delivery service. We would love to put a smile on your faces with our exclusive services that come at little or no cost. GoHealthy App wants you to make wise decisions when hunger sets in.

As a team we understand what it feels like to go to work everyday and to top it all off, to worry about your health and good food to eat in order to sustain your energy all day long. That is why we created a mobile app – GoHealthy App.

What is GoHealthy App? GoHealthy App is a telemedicine and food delivery app designed to connect you to pharmacies, restaurants and doctors near you.

What is GoHealthy app offering you? Why choose the GoHealthy App? 

  • Order meals online from your favorite restaurant.
  • Locate restaurants near you.
  • Get meals at the same price as you would buy at the restaurant.
  • Get meals to your doorstep at N100 delivery fee.
  • Get your meals delivered in 20 minutes or less.
  • Stay focused while you work.

Does this sound like the kind of meal break you would like to enjoy? Then we would love to see you eat your favorite meal, stay mentally strong and GoHealthy while you grind.

I’m not sure if this exciting offer is for you, but would you happen to know someone who is interested in improving how they eat while at work? You might want to share the GoHealthy App with them.

We promise to be the most efficient food delivery platform you will ever use.

Get your money back when we fall short of your expectations. It’s near meal time, try us now!

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